General Operational Policy for the Touristic Database of InvenTur.

For the diffusion of the information held within the Touristic Inventory of Inventur the following policies have been established:

  • To integrate and register the touristic establishments based on the information given by the providers of Touristic Services (Owners/managers).
  • The constant update of information by people accredited by the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Yucatan and continually updated during visits agreed upon with the owners/managers of said establishments.
  • The touristic services found in this database must be located within the State of Yucatan.
  • The type of touristic establishment must be one of the following: Accommodation, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Discos, Bars, Airlines, and Overland travel companies, car hire centers, Foreign Exchanges & Tour Guides,Museums and Galleries, Touristic sites, Ecotouristic services, Haciendas, Craftsmen, Archeological Zones, Videomappings, Banquet services, Theatres and Cinemas, Shopping malls, Spas, Marinas, Tourism and language schools, Event coordinators,
  • We will collect the following information for the establishment via the following form, which you can download here solicitud de Pre-Registro.
  • We ask for a promotional photograph of your Touristic service in a digital format, either PNG or JPG which we can upload. In the case that you do not have a picture, we ask that the Ministry of Tourism for the State of Yucatan can come and verify the touristic service.