What Benefits can one receive from participating in the InvenTur Touristic Directory?

The InvenTur is a free service, open to the public via the internet, which allows the establishments who take part to promote their services, by letting the public know what services they sell and general information such as phone, email and web page, Etc. Due to the fact that the INVENTUR is the main database of touristic information for SEFOTUR, the ministry of Tourism of the State of Yucatan, there are a few additional benefits such as:

  • The opportunity to promote for free on the webpage www.yucatan.travel at a national and international level
  • Promotion for establishments who signed up during travel fairs, seminars and other national and international events where the Yucatan Ministry of Tourism Participates.
  • The touristic sites may be included in Directory’s, Magazines and pamphlets when requested by those participating in the database.
  • The opportunity for direct sales via the diffusion of commercial data for potential customers.
  • The creation of a statistical register of the number of touristic services in the state.